Re: New at this

Bill Woodland (
Thu, 02 Apr 1998 13:58:21 -0600

At 05:06 PM 4/2/98 EST, DanD823365 wrote:
>I am a new subscriber, and would like to know where I can get addresses to
>my camera... In other words I dont even know where to start.

Start at my web page, in the "Download and Getting Started" section.
That's what it's there for. This page has detailed instructions on how to
download the Win95 Cornell version (0.92b2), unzip it, create a shortcut to
it, set up your nickname and initial transmit and receive speed, and where
to go to get a reflector list, and also points to the OFFICIAL "CU-SeeMe
Windows V0.90 Visual User's Guide", which has pictures of the individual
windows, and lots of other good information.

There are LOTS of CU-SeeME related web pages already, and if there's
something you can't find on MY site, email me and I'll try to answer your
question, and will add the info to my pages so others can benefit.

Bill Woodland (Squeek ) PC questions only, please.
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