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Scott Lacroix (
Fri, 03 Apr 1998 09:36:58 -0400

At 12:53 AM 4/3/98 -0600, Jason Williams wrote:
>On Thu, 2 Apr 1998, marlena c. jareaux wrote:
>> I'm new to the list and cu-seeme. I was wondering if anyone had
>> experience or information on commercial applications for the system.
>You may wish to ask White Pine about commercial applications since that
>seems to be their focal point. I mainly use it for educational and
>entertainment and social purposes.

Check: or for client info for server info

There should be contact email addresses there as well...

>> Is it possible to link multiple "sites" using the technology?
>Yeah, you can link reflectors in multiple ways. You can multicast link
>them if that's possible, unicast link them in either both directions or
>one direction (BCC to another reflector)

What he said. :)
If you need a technical description, check the website. If it's not
sufficient, send me email. I'll answer it or pass it on...

>> I envision having a private reflector, and multiple users being able to
>> "tune in" to the multiple locations that are listed on one web site.
>That's possible and has been done in the past with Digex's ISPTV...except
>the linked reflectors weren't private. Linking reflectors like this isn't
>very hard at all assuming you have the resources for it.

Yep, absolutely. Our Web GUI actually makes this fairly easy to do too...

>> Do the cameras have the ability to pick up a number
>> of people (ie. let's say a wide angle view of a location?) How would the
>> clarity be?
>I guess that would depend upon the camera being used. If you can use a
>wide angle lens on a camcorder or something, then it should work fine for
>CU as well with a capture card to send the signal into the computer.

- Scott


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