Re: White Pine Build 31 for Macintosh

Bill Ryan (
Sat, 4 Apr 1998 09:19:14 -0500


If I recall, we already informed you (and some others concerning this
problem) that this problem is in the ATI video digitizer software installed
on your system.

We have a working relationship with ATI (and most other vDig vendors) and
they have fixed other issues in their vDig, but have yet to address this
one. Please follow up with them (we DO remind them of this problem
periodically, but they've been busy...).

As for it "not happen in ANY of the other video related
applications".....all apps. do not use the same capabilities of a vDig.
CU-SeeMe makes use of some vDig APIs which other vendors don't use and
don't make use of some which others do use. This is due to design of our
realtime videoconferencing product (while most video apps. are canned
playpack apps).

The WPSG Video Codec (cu-seeme gray) should be part of the 3.1 preview
kit...if not, it's oversight on our part...I'll pass it along.


>I just downloaded and installed build 31 for the Macintosh and I'm amazed that
>my one complaint has not been addressed.
>When I open a configuration dialog that displays video, the video is
>larger than
>the alloted space and offset from it slightly. This only happens the first
>I do this in a given run of the app. As long as I don't quit the program,
>are fine. This does not happen in ANY of the other video related
>applications I
>have. The problem looks like uninitialized variables and is just plain dumb !
>Fix it already !
>The cuseeme grey codec didn't seem to be included in this release. Was that an
>oversight or intentional ? I'd hate to think White Pine was completely
>connectivity with the cornell version of cuseeme.

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