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Jeeves (jeeves@jump.net)
Sat, 4 Apr 1998 14:02:52 -0600

bscaplen@roadrunner.nf.net wrote:

>I can't open my Cornell version of CU-SeeMe (68k) since I installed OS8 I
>get an error
> "can't open MacTCP"
>Is this because this version hasn't caught up with OS8 or is there another
>reason? The demo of White Pine will work ok.


Let me guess....Did you install White Pine 3.1 Preview? If so, you have
installed the Listener extension. This opens a port for incoming DC
requests. You can either disable this by removing the extension (and
rebooting) or run White Pine CU-SeeMe, choose Edit/Call Options/Listener
tab and click "suspend listening".