Re: Mac TCP message

Cragin Shelton (
Sun, 5 Apr 1998 09:30:47 -0400

You probably are getting this error message because you are trying to
start CUSeeme without being connectd to the internet. Cornell CU-SeeMe has
to see a full connection (specifically, a domain name server) as it starts.
THerefore, connect to Erols like you normally do and THEN start CU running.
Good Luck.
By the way, I use the PPC version from Cornell, and like it much better
than the White Pine version 2.0, which I also own. My Mac is too old to use
the new White Pine 3.1 (I have PPC 6100/60. Mac OS 7.5.3; WP 3.1 wants
MacOS 7.6 and PPC 100 mhz.)

Cragin Shelton

>I have downloaded the Mac 68K version from the Cornell site. When I go
>to open it, I get a message about the Mac TCP which only allows me to
>quit from there. Any ideas of how I can remediate this problem would be
>Martha Short