Re: Problems with Cuseeme 3.1 connecting to White Pines Reflector Software version 2.1

Jason Williams (
Sun, 5 Apr 1998 14:03:35 -0500 (CDT)

On Sun, 5 Apr 1998, Steve Mullin wrote:
> I'm having problems getting White Pines Enhanced Cuseeme version 3.1 to
> connect to my reflector site running version 2.1 software.

This sounds like the common bug with the NT version of the 2.0.* and 2.1
reflectors. The cure seems to be rebooting the reflector ever so often.
If you talk to White Pine about it, I'm sure they'll require large sums of
money so you can get the MPCS server which does seem to fix that problem
as well. ( I believe)

The cheaper route is to use Brian Godette's Enhanced Reflector
( which works nicely on NT without
the bugs.

As far as 3.1 not connected to it and 2.1.1 does, I believe it may be a
problem with the way the NT port handles the conference selection dialog
(If you notice, when you have to dial it twice with 2.1.1, you don't get
the conference selection dialog either time). But that's just a guess.

The 2.1 NT reflector also has lots of problems with the telnet port
hanging. All the problems with the NT and Win95 2.1 reflector caused a
few reflector operators I know to install PC Anywhere so they could
restart the reflector.

You should be able to connect to your reflector with the 3.1 client after
you reset the reflector. At least, for a few minutes after it's reset.

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