Re: creative webcam 2 difficulties

Jason Williams (
Mon, 6 Apr 1998 11:09:38 -0500 (CDT)

On Mon, 6 Apr 1998, Steve Rosenfelt wrote:
> Has anyone had problems using theis program with the creative webcam 2?
> It works for every other prgram I use it with, but I receive an
> unsupported video capture setting warning. Thanks. Steve

I've never used the creative webcam 2, but the symptoms sound similar. I
assume you're using the freeware Cornell version from what it sounds like.
Try View -> Preferences -> Video -> Video Format and selecting either an 8
or 16-bit format (RGB8 works on the Winnov Videum I'm using while RGB15
works on the STB TV/PCI card I have)

Enhanced CU 3.X supposedly supports more capture card formats if you want
to mess with it...

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