Supra Video Kit (Fmly: video cams)

Howard Herman (
Tue, 07 Apr 1998 02:50:33 -0400

Gary Dietz wrote:
> Seriously, for $99, you CAN'T BEAT the winnov cap card. You can then
> capture from VCR, camcorder, laserdisc, video out on a TV, etc... It kicks
> butt!

One step better, imho, is the deal you get from Diamond Multimedia Systems.

Diamond offers the Supra Video Kit, which includes a cam, *and* video
capture card, for under $200. When I bought it, Diamond was running a
special that allowed the buyer to send in *any* video card in exchange, and
get a $50 deduction. Total cost billed: $150.

To give you an idea of how good this deal is, and that you can send in
*any* video card in exchange, I sent an old original CGA card. When was
the last time you heard about one of these?

So for $150 you get a video cam system. The nice thing about having the
video card is that it is not so demanding on the CPU for performance, as is
the parallel connection, and now even the latest usb connections.

Indeed, you must install the video card, but it is a one time.

As for performance, it works fine. I get a nice clear color picture. Not
quite as colorful as I am used to from broadcast video, but totally

I am a happy camper. And, quite surprised that I do not see more written
on this list about this hardware addition.

Those interested in finding out more can visit:

Finally I have no affiliation with Diamond nor Supra, except that I have
been a long time, and happy user of many of their products. The latest
being the Supra Video Kit.

If the $150 deal direct from Diamond is still being offered, it may be the

And, bringing this discussion back to the focus of the list, the Video Kit
works fine with CUSeeMe, as well as all the other software with which it
comes bundled.

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