Control of Enhanced reflector

Bill Ericson (
Tue, 7 Apr 1998 10:20:29 -0700

I've read lots of messages here about the different kinds of reflectors to
use (i.e. White Pine vs Enhanced) that were most useful in helping us to
determine which ref software to use. We are considering using the Enhanced
Reflector software on our internal (*not* connected on the Internet) LAN at
work as a result of these conversations, but we need to know how to control

Does anybody know how to control the Enhanced Ref via api calls or some
other mechanism? We need to be able to program up either an internal web
script or a custom piece of software to control the ref.

We are aware of both the REFMON utility and REFMARSHAL. Neither one gives
us everything we want, as it still gives too much control to our users if
we allow them to use this.

Any ideas on an interface to the Enhanced Reflector?

Thanks in advance...