Re: Control of Enhanced reflector

Jason Williams (
Tue, 7 Apr 1998 17:42:58 -0500 (CDT)

On Tue, 7 Apr 1998, Bill Ericson wrote:
> Does anybody know how to control the Enhanced Ref via api calls or some
> other mechanism?

There are no api calls as far as I know...The source code to a simple
refmon application isn't too hard to dig up and hack away at though.

> We need to be able to program up either an internal web
> script or a custom piece of software to control the ref.

I would suggest the use of my reflector scanner as a means to
monitor/control the reflector but you need it on an internal LAN without
net access so that doesn't do you any good. My reflector scanner is a CGI
script that allows limited control of a reflector with logging
capabilities so you know who zapped who and when. It works great with
Enhanced Reflectors.

> We are aware of both the REFMON utility and REFMARSHAL. Neither one gives
> us everything we want, as it still gives too much control to our users if
> we allow them to use this. don't like giving them the ability to
kill/deny/allow/term/etc..You just want a few people to have access to
kill and deny? That's the problem with refmon and Refmarshal. My proxy
server alleviates the problem using Refmarshal by giving limited control
as well. You get the benefits of Refmarshal without having to give full
access to everyone. But again, my proxy server is only available if you
have TCP access to the net.

> Any ideas on an interface to the Enhanced Reflector?

You may want to talk with Andrew Clarke( about
it. I know he's working on a Java interface to Refmon (JRefmon) that
may/may not be working at this point. I know he has quite a lot planned
for it but I'm not sure how much is actually complete.

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