Connection problem w/CU-SeeMe 0.92b2 WinNT 4.0

Ashworth, Don (
Wed, 8 Apr 1998 13:48:39 -0500

Trying to connect to my "newly installed" reflector (v1.07b9 Enhanced
Reflector for NT 4.0).

CU-SeeMe is reporting the following problem -

[Reflector Error Message]
Your IP address is incorrect, restart CU-SeeMe
Network (!=Protocol(

I work at Compaq and we do use a proxy server and all of our internal
addresses are assigned via dhcp. When I run CU-SeeMe on my NT4.0 server
(equipped with a QuickCam) I am able to connect from this workstation
without error. Both machines are on the same net using dhcp derived
addresses and are not separated by a firewall.

More than likely, this will be a configuration problem with the reflector
since I did nothing other than unzip it and run it. REFLECT.DOC describes
some configuration settings, however nowhere does it say what to name the
file (?? REFLECT.CFG ??). Maybe this is "not" the problem...but it's my
best guess.

Any help would be great! <>