Re: Connection problem w/CU-SeeMe 0.92b2 WinNT 4.0

Brian Godette (
Wed, 08 Apr 1998 13:33:12 -0600

At 01:48 PM 4/8/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Trying to connect to my "newly installed" reflector (v1.07b9 Enhanced
>Reflector for NT 4.0).
>CU-SeeMe is reporting the following problem -
>[Reflector Error Message]
>Your IP address is incorrect, restart CU-SeeMe
>Network (!=Protocol(
^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^
dratz! goofed on that, seems inet_ntoa() works differently on different
platforms... fixed now :)

Anyhow, the reason you're getting that message back is the ip address in
the ip header is different from the ip address that CU is using in it's
internal address. Which means the system you're using CU on has more than
one IP address and the one CU picks (the default interface) is not the one
that is being used to send to the reflector.

>file (?? REFLECT.CFG ??). Maybe this is "not" the problem...but it's my

reflect.conf.... just like all reflectors except WP 2.1 and up (they use a
machine read/writeable data file).