Can't get started

LLNeedham (
Wed, 8 Apr 1998 18:28:49 EDT

I've read a lot ahnd everything seems to be working with my Connectix
camera/software, but the Phonebook I downloaded from Streak gives me either no
connects or connects to chat lines with nobody on. Do I need to download the
one that says have connnectged in the last year?

Can somebody advise me on a fe reflector sites that have people chatting so I
can get the feel of this?

Private chats seem hard if you don't have a fixed IP, right?

I'll do some more reading on the info supplied with the software, but after
two tries late at night and two during the day, I think I may be doing
something wrong.

Also all of this talk about enhanced reflectors leaves me confsed about
whether I need to be seeking some other connection method.