*NO VIDEO* (No picture) problems

George Silver (georges@earlham.edu)
Thu, 9 Apr 1998 13:55:10 -0500

At 9:14 PM -0500 04/07/98, Bill Pfeiffer wrote:

|Hi all,
|I have Cu-SeeMe V0.87b3 for PowerMac. I have a PowerMac Performa
|6360 with a
|B&W Connectix Quick Cam System 8.1 and ATI Xclaim VR PCI video board.
|My problem is that i'm not getting or sending any video. The
|option to send
|video is greyed out and no matter what i try i cant get or send images.

I had this same problem running CU .87b3 on a PowerMac 8500. Only
in my case, it worked fine for awhile and then later began to give
me *NO VIDEO* nightmares.

I eventually figured out that, at least in my case, the problem
came from running the WP 3.1 version of Enhanced CU-SeeMe (the free
demo). When I was happily using it, I left the listener running.
Apparently this interferes with the Cornell version of CU-SeeMe
(.87b3) and causes the *NO VIDEO* problem.

Some on the list have opined that all you have to do is turn off
the listener from within Enhanced CU-SeeMe others claim you have to
disable or remove the "CU-SeeMe Listener" extension from the
extensions folder. In my case it took doing the latter to solve my
*NO VIDEO* problem. Once I removed the Listener and rebooted the
Cornell Version of CU-SeeMe it worked fine.


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