Call for One-Day Participation

Greg Clinton (
Thu, 09 Apr 1998 16:38:20 -0400

****Call for Participation****

I am seeking several classroom teachers with Cornell CU-SeeMe and a
QuickCam or other video camera in their classroom to briefly join myself
and a group of Texas teachers on a specific reflector site on Friday
morning, April 24, 1998. The meeting time will be approximately 8:15 AM
Central Daylight Savings Time and will last approximately 15-30 minutes.
(9:15 AM Eastern).

This brief videoconference will take place in the context of a presentation
on Distance Learning options for teachers at the Association of Texas
Professional Educators (ATPE) annual conference in Fort Worth. Your
students will be able to query these teachers from around Texas about
topics such as Texas weather/climate, what Texas schools are like, oil,
cattle, Texas history, or other appropriate topics you may come up with.

Please e-mail Greg Clinton at <> to express your
interest in participating, and the reflector address will be provided to
you, along with answers to any questions you may have.

Thank you!

Greg Clinton, M.Ed.
Director of Programming
Teacher's Workshop
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