Re: [offtopic] mbone and Win95?

Terry Reed (
Sun, 12 Apr 1998 23:47:03 -0400 (EDT)

Since WP refs *used* to support nv & vat, this is not really that far off
topic ...

On Sat, 11 Apr 1998, Jason Williams wrote:

> On Sat, 11 Apr 1998, Laszlo Vecsey wrote:
> > I know this is somewhat off topic, but is there an mrouted like program
> > for Win95? I know a GNU/Linux system dialed up and running mrouted could
> > handle an mbone feed, but I wonder about Win95. To run sdr/vic/vat.
> I don't know about mrouted (for tunnelling I believe) but I do know of
> Win95 versions of sdr, and vic...possibility vat as well.

Hmm, I seem to remember something about the MS TCP/IP implementation for
Win95/NT (lack of propper kernel hooks?) which precludes porting mrouted
to Win95 or NT, although client multicast apps such as nv, vat, vic, etc
will work.

> > Also I've heard mention of the multicast mbone as it relates to cuseeme
> > reflectors, though I'm not sure exactly how its used. Does the cu-seeme
> > client running on a Windows box (ethernetted) use multicast if available?
> The reflector can use multicast when linking to other reflectors. The
> White Pine reflectors can also accept multicast connections from
> multicast-capable clients when they use 2.1.1 or later I believe of
> Enhanced CU-SeeMe. I have heard of success with the Enhanced CU client
> using multicast on a LAN (ethernet) just not over a modem.

If Laszlo is referring to nv/vat interoperability through a WP reflector,
then this is no longer supported by WP (though I'm not sure if WP has
actually stripped out this code *yet* in the latest ref, they said they
were going to do this but I haven't played too much with WP refs > v 2.x).
I understand the business reasons for this, but I don't like it since
there are not a lot of H.263 Unix apps available (or at least free ones!).

When I sent a note about H.263 support to the vic developers a while back,
the answer was along the lines of "we get that question a lot, but do not
have plans to implement H.263 codec anytime soon". I think there are some
licensing issues for the H.263 codec which may make it unlikely to be
available in PD apps (but I'm not sure about this)?

For Enhanced CUSM multicast on a LAN, I've had success with for versions
2.x & 3.x (both local & through multiple refs, though I've only used it
between Win95/NT clients).

For modems vs LANs, my guess is that many of the problems trying to use
multicast over a modem may be due to lack of IP multicast support in the
ISP routers near the modem pools (e.g., although the client SW may be
using IP multicast, the routers may not be supporting IP multicast). For
my 2 scenarios, I have 2 separate issues:

1. Work: Corp firewall does not pass multicast (& shouldn't!). More than
personal stake at risk here since I'm one of the FW admins :-)

2. Personal ISP: No multicast support at all. But this is just a reason
for me to get that Linux mrouted tunnel up & running on my other machine


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