Reflector Questions

Digisite (
Tue, 14 Apr 1998 03:38:52 EDT

I feel kinda stupid but have some really basic and hence really dumb questions
with regard to reflectors that I'm sure one of you gurus can easily

(1) is a T1 connection 1.5 million "bits" or 1.5 million "bytes" per second

In trying to calculate reflector bandwidth usage.....hypothetically.
Assume a reflector conference with 9 users, each user has a 28.8 connection
(is the 28.8 full duplex?). The reflector is configured for a max send rate of
20, a max rec rate of 20, all 9 users have 8 other windows open, and there is
no packet loss for any of the paths (hypothetically of course !).

(2) would the bandwidth be calculated as 180kbs incoming TO the reflector and
the bandwidth OUT of the reflector to the network be 1.28 mega"bits" or 1.28
mega"bytes" per second or some other value?.

(3) is there a completely seperate data stream sent from the reflector for
each sender to each user or is there only one data stream sent from the
reflector for each sender and the clients just pick them out?

(4) does this bandwidth usage depend on each users movement and if everyone is
holding fairly still, the bandwidth would be considerably less?

(5) can NV be used to link conferences of the same reflector or can it only be
used to link different reflectors (is there another way besides NV) ?