Re: CU-SeeMe and Os 8.1

Bill Ryan (
Tue, 14 Apr 1998 18:54:47 +0100

You didn't say what version of CU-SeeMe you are using, but I would expect
it is the Cornell version as the White Pine Mac 3.1 version has audio which
works fine under OS 8.1.

In OS 8.1, Apple changed the way they handle "Audio Playthrough". There
used to be a UI item to set it (in the Sound Control Panel). They hid it in
OS 8.1and it is now set based on the audio source selected. BTW, the audio
source now defaults to "None" in the Sound Control panel so you may wish to
verify that you have Mic selected....


>>I had a question about using CU-SEEME with MacOS 8.1. Has anyone gotten
>>the sound to work properly with this combination? I mean, sending sound
>>out. My mic seems to pick it up, and the level indicators on the
>>microphone/sound window light up, but no one hears anything.
>>Is this being addressed in a newer version?
>I too have been unsuccessful in getting sound OUT with OS 8.1 and Cu_seeMe.
>My solution (suggested by Mari Masuda) is the following; it involves
>booting OS 8.0 instead of OS 8.1:
>Install OS 8.0 on a remote volume (like a Zip disk; that's what I use).
>Install all the ancillary sofware for your normal remote connection
>(TCP/IP; PPP; Cu-SeeMe; maybe a HD utility program that ran under 8.0 but
>not 8.1...).
>Next--and here is the key---restart your computer with the zip disk in its
>drive AND force your Mac to ignore the SCSI 0 position of the SCSI chain by
>pressing command-option-shift-delete as the computer boots.
>This will boot from some other bootable volume other than the hard drive
>and since the zip disk is there it will boot OS 8.0 from that.
>Now Cu-SeeMe will be able to send audio.
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