Re: How? To get JavaCU to work with WhitePine's reflector

Jason Williams (
Wed, 15 Apr 1998 10:39:32 -0500 (CDT)

On Tue, 14 Apr 1998, Ashworth, Don wrote:
> <applet code=JavaCU.class codebase=""
> width=160 height=190>
> <param name=chanid value=0>
> <param name=debug_mode value=0>
> <param name=port value=7650>

It probably doesn't mean much...but I'd get rid of the debug_mode and

> All I get is a white box that says "JavaCU" and a Applet started message
> at the bottom of my browser.

Have you set the reflector up to support NV?
"nv-uc 7650" should be all you need.

NV Related Commands:
nv-uc unicast NV setup
nv misc NV controls
nv-mc multicast NV setup
Usage: nv-uc -h Help.
nv-uc Show current value.
nv-uc port NV unicast port number. (0 == close)
Usage: nv -h Help.
nv Show current value.
nv nStream Limit number of NV streams
Usage nv-mc -h Help
nv-mc Show current setting
nv-mc close Close at next oppurtunity
nv-mc [-p port] in addr Input only, from addr/port
nv-mc [-p port] out ttl addr Output only, to with time to live
nv-mc [-p port] inout ttl addr Input/output

As far as a WP 2.0're on your own :) I believe White Pine
is still offering a free upgrade from the 2.0 reflector to 2.1.

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