Tom Mandera (
Wed, 15 Apr 1998 13:50:18 -0400

I spent some time trying to make JavaCU work last night...

I installed the Enhanced Reflector on one of my Linux boxes, with the
only change to the configuration being the addition of "nv-uc-port 7650"
(was that it.. the JavaCU instructions wanted it), and the changes noted
on the Enhanced Reflector's site.

I connected using the latest Win95 Cornell version (downloaded it last
night), and connected to the Reflector.

I'm using a Philips/Winnov board, and CU is converting down to 256
grays for me.

I added the "SELF REFLECT" on, and I was able to connect to the
reflector and see my own video.

But, using the example "install" for JavaCU.. I, too, was only greeted by a
plain, blank, white box on my screen. Nothing would make it work.

So.. I installed the 4.03 Cornell server on my other Linux box, and copied
the JavaCU files over, etc.

I reconnected - then tried JavaCU - still no dice. Stupid white screen
every time.

I also tried using a much older version of Cornell's CU.. still no luck.

I didn't try hooking up my QuickCam just in case it doesn't like the
256grays and JavaCU will only do the 64 or 16shades..

I've done everything just like the (very limited) documentation says...


Who *does* have JavaCU working?