Re: White Pine CUSeeMe Version 3.1.1

Jason Williams (
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 11:21:49 -0500 (CDT)

On Thu, 16 Apr 1998, Wayne Fisher wrote:
> 2 of the major problems fixed in this new version:
> (1) Failure to transmit using Cornell Greyscale coldec to 2.x and
> cornell users.
> (2) Falilure to transmit Color MPEG codec when you leave and then
> (re)join the same or another reflector

I've heard mixed reports concerning this...At least one person told me
that this hasn't been fixed yet as of

> The problem with private chat sending messages publicly when the other
> user has disconnected also seems to be fixed.

Unfortunately, the problem sending 3.X private chat to users with Enhanced
CU 2.X still seems to have problems. Luckily, Brian Godette's Enhanced
Reflector fixes this.

> 3.1.1 is currently in beta test, and should be available in it's final
> form shortly....

beta test? That's odd, seems to be publicly available. Since
it's not "" I was under the assumption that this was the
released version. Navigating White Pine's new web page has been a major
nightmare after their restructuring, so I haven't gotten very far with
finding out information about it. Have an exact URL handy?

So the version that's available is a public beta release?

I wonder why White Pine only goes with RC (Release Candidate) versions for
the MPCS server and not the client. With the version control the way it
is now with the client, the only way you knew you had a released version
was when the "p" was dropped. (,, etc). I've noticed
the same thing happening with the Mac clients now. As of,
there's no more "p" but it's still beta.

> Thought everyone would like to know this....

Thanks for sharing...It will be nice to have the bugs fixed so
reflector operators can stop having to kill off MJPEG users for
not sending.

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