Re: CU-SeeMe in South Africa & Evaluation of Instrcutional Design

Thu, 16 Apr 1998 16:48:39 -0400 (EDT)

Hello folks,

We have the reflector reserved for May 13th from 9:00-10:00 Pacific time.
I sent out e-mails and have had one response so far. I am sending out this
on the listserv this time hoping to generate a larger response.
Unfortunately, most responses I received were people saying they could not
make it. I am a first time Cu-SeeMe conference user and my sixth grade
students and I are anxious to dialogue using this technology and learn
from other students. Hopefully, we will have several countries
represented. It would be great if students could generate a topic to
discuss and we can coordinate the details via e-mail. I hope to hear from
any interested school that would like to come. Thanks!

Michael Dower
Cambridge, MA. USA