Re: [Fwd: White Pine CUSeeMe Version 3.1.1]

Jason Williams (
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 15:55:40 -0500 (CDT)

On Thu, 16 Apr 1998, Wayne Fisher wrote:
> As documented in the CUSeeMe 3.1.1 Release Notes (reference
>, the problems you
> are experiencing may occur using either Brian Godet's ERef software, or the
> Cornell Reflector Software, or old White Pine 2.0x reflector software

Hmm...This seems to be typical of White Pine lately...
So now it's no longer considered a bug because it works fine with White
Pine products? What happened the whole idea of backwards compatibility.
I thought White Pine learned that lesson with the bugs that
appeared. Have they taken another stance and now just claim it will only
work with White Pine products? This is sounding a lot like a Microsoft

>From the bug fixes section of the Release Notes:
"CU-SeeMe no longer stops sending video when you disconnect from one
conference server and connect to another."

That's cool at there's no longer the no-send bug with MJPEG.

In the bugs section:
"If you connect to a Cornell Reflector after connecting to
either White Pine Reflector V2.1 or MeetingPoint Conference Server
V3.0, you cannot send grayscale video. To fix this you need to restart
your client and then reconnect to the Cornell Reflector. This will be
corrected in the next build for CU-SeeMe for Windows V3.1.1."

So the grayscale bug is still present but only when connecting to
Cornell/Enhanced Reflectors? It sounds like the two problems are tied
together since the no-send bug only happened on Cornell/Enhanced

Another interesting thing... I only found one mention of the word
"preview" in regards to 3.1.1. Nowhere does it mention what is.
Is a preview or is that the released 3.1.1? The version
numbering is getting a bit confusing. Wouldn't a preview version be
""? It's hard to tell what build the readme is referring to
when it's never mentioned directly. So there will be a NEWER build than
004 that will have the grayscale problem fixed?

How about the somewhat random spewing of someone's text in the chat
window? That seems to be different from the private chat bug.

An old email from Brian concerning this:
"BTW there appears to be an oddity with WPCU 3.1.* in regards to chat
recovery. Seems that if it doesn't know about the client that's making the
recovery request (hasn't ever received an OC packet from them) it'll send
the requested chat lines as public (client->group instead of
client->client). This behavior is of course induced by a conference with
too many participants for it to list"

I've had to boot a couple of people from my reflector for this happening.
Large chunks of text scroll by from one user's conversation over the last
15-20 minutes. It sometimes happens 3-4 times within 5 minutes.

> you may want to check the release notes
> (URL given above) to find out which versions of reflector software are supported
> by version 3.1.1.

I don't get it...Why wouldn't the client be compatible with ALL
reflectors? I'm sure there are dozens of people that would be glad to test
it for you on other versions of the reflector.

If you're looking to change the way CU works (which would break backwards
compatibility as well) Brian Godette has some nice ideas on improving a
few aspects of CU. :)

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