Has WP come up with a fix for Enhanced CUSee-Me 2.0 & MacOS 8.1?

Toomas Altosaar (Toomas.Altosaar@hut.fi)
Sat, 18 Apr 1998 22:55:22 +0300

Hello you bunch of fighting wild dogs! (that's what this list seems to
behave like)

White Pine's Enhanced CUSee-Me 2.0 for the Mac *DOES NOT* work with MacOS 8.1.

Cornell's didn't work either until they fixed the audio bug in CU-SeeMe
0.87b4 (PPC).

Will White Pine follow suit and offer a free fix? Or are they not committed
to their customers? (read: soon ex-customers).

I have been using Cornell's black & white version since upgrading to 8.1
and I prefer it to WP's enhanced commercial version: the black & white
video is much faster and the application has a simpler and better user
interface. But I would be intereted in knowing what WP intends on doing ...