Re: White Pine CUSeeMe Version 3.1.1

Chris Silverberg (
Tue, 21 Apr 1998 01:30:58 -0400

At 11:37 PM -0400 on 4/20/98, Jason Williams wrote:

> This whole argument is rather moot
> since White Pine is only hurting THEIR customers that are using the 2.X
> versions. The Cornell Mac and PC versions can both distinguish 3.X's
> private chat just fine.

Agreed Jason. But not does it hurt their 2.X customers, they are hurting
their 3.X customers. Because invariably 3.X users will find themselves
chatting to someone using 2.X, and both sides will be rather confused since
one thinks the conversation is private, the other doesn't.

I should mention that GeekTalk will omit the '<privately>' if it can detect
that the other client recognizes private messages. This method of
detection is supported of course by GeekTalk, as well as Cornell CU-SeeMe
.92, and Linux CU-SeeMe.

I've sent details on how to do this to White Pine several times, i've never
heard any response. I do know that the web page I setup containing
technical information about this has been retrieved by White Pine personel
after I've sent email, but again never any response. (I love web server

FYI, that web page is here:

> Anyway...maybe Chris can comment on when GeekTalk came out and why it
> supported <privately> to begin with. I can imagine it was for backwards
> compatibility as well.

Correct, it seemed rather necessary to me that the receiver of messages
should know if the message is private.

GeekTalk was released in September 1996.


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