Re: White Pine CUSeeMe Version 3.1.1

Scott Lacroix (
Tue, 21 Apr 1998 11:33:07 -0300

At 09:50 AM 4/21/98 +0800, ike relucio wrote:
>Is all this fuss about the private chat all because some third-party add-on
>program decided to put <privately> in front of private chat while the white
>pine client doesn't ?. The 2.1.x version for Windows does not even mention
>anything in the help file about being able to send private chat. As far as
>I know, the only real cu-seeme clients that gave you the ability of sending
>private chat is the 3.x version of white pine and the .92 version from
>cornell. GeekTalk (for Macs) came first and GeekPC just did what GeekTalk
>did for Macs. Now people are sayingthat since GeekTalk and GeekPC placed
><privately> in front of private chat, that White Pine should do the same or
>that since Brian Godette's ERef inserted the <privately> in front of private
>chat, that White Pine's reflectors should do the same.
>Is this so-called 'set of rules' for aux Priv mentioned anywhere in white
>pine's documentation about their reflector software ? If so, then i would
>agree it is a bug that needs fixing.

I don't believe it's mentioned anywhere, since it's not an official part
of the protocol. I'm probably going to get bitten for this, but to my
knowledge nothing in the protocol that defines what must go in ANY of the
payload data ( audio, video, control or AUX(chat) ). That's one of the
reasons the server can route any generic audio/video codec you throw at it
without a problem.

>Somebody needs to make a chronology of when private chat first appeared ---
>who did it, on what platform, and if it was a third-party (not cornell, not
>white pine) if it was based on any technical specification from either white
>pine or cornell.

That would be nice. Sounds like (from a related message) it may have been
Cornell in a Mac client release... Not that it matters a whole lot tho. I
have to agree with Bill at this point: This is a LOOONG way to go for a
minor feature/annoyance.

- Scott


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