PRIVATE Chat (was Re: WP CUSM V3.1.1)

Jeeves (
Tue, 21 Apr 1998 13:24:15 -0600 wrote:

>I know, the only real cu-seeme clients that gave you the ability of sending
>private chat is the 3.x version of white pine and the .92 version from
>cornell. GeekTalk (for Macs) came first and GeekPC just did what GeekTalk
>did for Macs. Now people are sayingthat since GeekTalk and GeekPC placed
><privately> in front of private chat, that White Pine should do the same or
>that since Brian Godette's ERef inserted the <privately> in front of private
>chat, that White Pine's reflectors should do the same.
>Is this so-called 'set of rules' for aux Priv mentioned anywhere in white
>pine's documentation about their reflector software ? If so, then i would
>agree it is a bug that needs fixing.
>Somebody needs to make a chronology of when private chat first appeared ---
>who did it, on what platform, and if it was a third-party (not cornell, not
>white pine) if it was based on any technical specification from either white
>pine or cornell.

Here Here!

One of my biggest gripes is how 'private chat' (geektalk) is displayed in
3.1. Many Mac users are used to Chris's GeekTalk interface and the ways
geek is displayed. Some would rather sacrifice color and use Cornell with
GeekTalk instead of WP 3.x. In addition, there are MANY other features in
GeekTalk 2.0 that WP 3.1 does have.

Last year, I was PROMISED by White Pine that they would put API/plug-in/
capabilities BACK into CU-SeeMe 3.x. WHERE is this? Another possibility
would be to pay/license the code from Chris and incorporate GeekTalk 2.0
features into WP 3.x..... Let's see.... I think someone mentioned that
WhitePine DID license code for 2.1.2.... so I know they've been down that
road before...

To get an idea what you are missing, read the list of GeekTalk features via

Oh yes Gary, I have submitted this REQUEST many many times to White Pine,
just like you asked... Now, can White Pine (positively) respond to it by
giving the users what they want?