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>Is all this fuss about the private chat all because some third-party add-on
>program decided to put <privately> in front of private chat while the white

Yeah, the third party program that "invented" private chat, so wouldn't it
make at least some sense for the WP version which claims to support the
same aux Priv "standard" to function in a like manner when dealing with
clients that do not support aux Priv internally (it's *REAL* easy to tell
this too).

>pine client doesn't ?. The 2.1.x version for Windows does not even mention
>anything in the help file about being able to send private chat. As far as
>I know, the only real cu-seeme clients that gave you the ability of sending
>private chat is the 3.x version of white pine and the .92 version from
>cornell. GeekTalk (for Macs) came first and GeekPC just did what GeekTalk
>did for Macs. Now people are sayingthat since GeekTalk and GeekPC placed
><privately> in front of private chat, that White Pine should do the same or

WP should do the same thing in regards to non-aux Priv clients, it's very
simple and eliminates confusion on the receive end and the sending end
doesn't have to jump thru any macro hoops. Just makes life easier all
around and doesn't cause any problems for the older clients.

>that since Brian Godette's ERef inserted the <privately> in front of private
>chat, that White Pine's reflectors should do the same.
>Is this so-called 'set of rules' for aux Priv mentioned anywhere in white
>pine's documentation about their reflector software ? If so, then i would
>agree it is a bug that needs fixing.

Why would they mention it, they didn't come up with it, only stuck it in as
an after thought because of "market pressure" (they actually noticed how
popular GeekTalk/GeekPC was). I've also heard that Chris Silverberg offered
to supply functional source of how he was doing things with GeekTalk, but
WP refused to accept it.

>Somebody needs to make a chronology of when private chat first appeared ---
>who did it, on what platform, and if it was a third-party (not cornell, not
>white pine) if it was based on any technical specification from either white
>pine or cornell.

That's easy... GeekTalk was pre-release sometime back in '96, soon after it
was released I wrote PrivChat in about 2 hours, handed that off to Mark
(GeekPC) after a couple of days, week later he had a beta of GeekPC (look
at the version history on both). It was then several months later that the
new Cornell client (0.90b1) came out and supported private chat. Then
several more months after 0.92b2 was released, WP released 3.0 with private
chat that may or may not work properly (will have to ask around or dig up
an old copy of it), 3.1 definately doesn't work properly.