Re: Newbie Needs Help

Jason Williams (
Thu, 23 Apr 1998 09:11:18 -0500 (CDT)

On Thu, 23 Apr 1998, Paul Wolf wrote:
> I have got a Mac Performa 636 with a 28.8 Global Village modem using AOL as my
> ISP. I have tried to Conference Connect with IP numbers I picked up from

The IPs you picked up from are CU-SeeMe users themselves who
advertise their IP and their availability on Four11. You probably won't
have too much luck connecting with them unless they happen to not be
connected to anywhere else and accept your Direct Connection (DC).

> I have also adjusted trasmission and reception down to 14Kbs.

I'd suggestion a max send of 15kbps or so and a max receive of 28kbps.
Though using AOL as an ISP isn't a really good idea since AOL usually
can't provide the bandwidth CU needs.

> At one connection, I heard a click and thought someome was online. And I saw that
> one person was below the Participant bar. When I pushed the button to talk and then
> let got, I got no reply though I thought I saw the modem bar move a lot on talking
> and move less on receiving.

I'm not sure which version you are using, but most people on modems don't
really do much audio. You might try clicking on their name (or double
clicking) to bring up their vid if they were sending.

> What can I do to get this program operational?

It sounds like it's operating just fine (no error messages when loading
up) and as long as your version of AOL supports TCP/IP, there shouldn't be
any problems except with bandwidth and finding places to connect to.

> Where can I find other reflection sites?

There's a list of reflectors on my reflector scanner at that should get you

> And can I communicate with others who use different netphone software
> than CU SEE ME?

In general, no. If you're using White Pine's Enhanced CU-SeeMe 3.1 and
connect to White Pine's MeetingPoint servers, you can see other H.323
compatible clients (if the conference you connect to is setup to allow
H.323 connections). I don't know of any other H.323 compliant Mac
program, but on the PC there's Microsoft Netmeeting and Intel's Videophone
(and probably others).

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