Re: No Luck So Far With CU-SEE ME

Ray Gannon (
Sat, 25 Apr 1998 13:53:17 -0400 (EDT)

You may get kicked off the reflector if your transmit and receive rates are set
to high. Try setting transmit max to 15 and receive max to 26 to start out with.

Also, many reflectors will not allow "lurkers". You didn't mention if you had a
camera or not.

In message <> writes:
> I have just begun trying to use CU-SEE ME with my
> Performa 636 on a 28.8 modem with the Cornell version.
> I have tried connecting with the IP addresses given at
> and with addresses at the reflector site at
> So far, I have had no responses. I have had a few
> introductory pages pop up giving me some rules,
> reception and transmission speeds but that is it.
> I usually just put the IP address in the Connect box.
> Is there something more I should be doing?
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