Mac grrl again

Kay McMahon (
Mon, 27 Apr 98 11:31:57 +1100

A very big THANK YOU to everyone who was able to help me out regarding my

I have CU installed and have successfully managed a couple of live
sessions. Now I have a couple of queries:

1. Is there a more comprehensive list of reflector sites other than the
ones which come with White Pines? I've found several of the ones listed
on that phone book never have anyone in them.

2. How do I stop people from barraging me with DC requests? (I'm using a
non-gender specific handle).

3. I'm running on 24 megs of RAM, and CU requires me to use Virtual
Memory which slows switching between applications down considerably. Is
there a way of making CU less memory intensive? ie: can I turn off

Thanks in advance,


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