windows to mac sound problems

David Doonan (
Sun, 26 Apr 1998 21:58:46 +0000

Dear List,

Last month I helped my father, in North Carolina,
get setup with an internet account. For the past
week or so, we've been using CuSee-Me with some
success. My dad is in his late 70's and has very
little prior experience with computers. Because
he's on a Windows machine, and I'm on a Mac, I'm
having some difficulty helping him troubleshoot.

He can see and hear me good, whereas I can see him
good, but his sound is breaking up pretty bad.
We are both using the latest demo versions of
White Pine. I have a Performa 6360 & a Greyscale
Quickcam, with 16 mg of memory boosted to 24 (out
of 48) via Virtual Memory and a cable modem. My
dad has a new PC (I believe it's a 233mz compaq)
that he got over Christmas with 16 mg of memory
and a Connectix Color Quick Cam. He is calling me
via a 56k modem. We are following the settings
that White Pine recommends for the 56k (20 max
send & 35 max receive). My sound is set at 5.6 kbs
with echo reduction off (when I turn the echo
reduction on he can barely hear me). Not sure what
type of mike he is using (it's not the built in
from the quick cam), nor what his exact audio
setting is other than he has the configuration
setting pushed all the way to the right.

Is it a lack of memory problem on his part? Is
there something that I need to do on my part? The
only other people that I've conferenced with have
mac's with cable modems and greyscale cameras. Any
help would be greatly appreciated. My dad's been a
real trooper about this. I've love to help him get
over the last hurdle.

Thanks in advance.

David Doonan

Greenwich, New York . . . The best small town in the world!