CUSeeMe Source Code..

Zaheer Shamsi (
Wed, 29 Apr 1998 02:27:21 +0800 (MYT)

Environment: Win95, Visual C++ 5, ATM network

Hi !

This is a repeat query, pls. response.

We are working on developement of video conferencing application on ATM
network at our University. We have obtained the CUSeeMe source code to
study the techniques/logic used.

Unfortunatly, I'm not an expert on Visual C++, the proposed developing
plateform, so I need soem guidance in understanding the control flow of
the mentioned source code.

I suggest, if possible, that Cornell people should include another readme file
in the package describing, how to build the CUSeeMe application from this code,
how one can reach the appropriate part of the code for a specific features

* how video/voice format is captured.
* how these data parts are sent and synchronised.
* which part is doing the compression, etc.

P.S. bear with me if things not expressed appropriatly.