IVC Test

Martin Storer (100121.1613@compuserve.com)
Mon, 1 Aug 1994 17:06:22 -0400

I too had a look at IVC and had problems and wrote to the author:-

>I am using WFW 3.11 and Trumpet Ver 1.0a and am accessing the
>internet via a 14.4k slip line. When trying to call another user with
>an address such as "bob@host.domain.edu" I am getting an error
>(Cannot complete call. winSock error # 11004). I do not get this
>message if I use an IP numerical address such as
>What do you suppose is the problem?

Rich Ahrens replied:-

>There's probably nothing wrong with your setup. Unfortunately, I've been
>experiencing some problems when using IVC on certain Winsock stacks. The
>reason is that the third-party custom control IVC uses to communicate with
>Winsock is buggy; I found out about this only after the release of IVC.

>Fortunately, I've found a new control and am planning a rewrite for the
>second version, which I hope to have out by October. I apprecaite your
>interest & hope you'll download the new version when it comes out.

We all know that standards whether computer related or otherwise are
subject to a certain amount of "interpretation" so it cannot suprise anyone
when problems such as these occur. I do agree however that from a users
perspective these incompatabilities are extremely discouraging. How many
versions of WINSOCK TCP/IP and how many Video capture cards must I try
before I get something to work? And when I do get it to work will I have to
start all over again when some new piece of user software appears on the scene?

Martin Storer (UK)