PC CUSM / Chameleon / Trumpet

Geoff Rehn (rehn@cleo.murdoch.edu.au)
Mon, 1 Aug 1994 18:05:52 -0400

Some further observations on PC-CUSM:

Please keep in mind I am connecting via SLIP but the WinSock observations
may or may not be true for Ethernet connections. Comments would be helpful.

I managed to get the freeware Chameleon / Newt SLIP sampler working for
other TCP/IP applications, including CU-SeeMe, by adding the line
C:\NETMANAG to my AUTOEXEC.BAT file (for those interested: this freeware
dialup SLIP/PPP sampler for Windows is available by anon ftp to:


Under Trumpet WinSock 1.00 RevA, I can get _both_ PC CUSM 0.33b2 and 0.34b2
to connect and receive video ( I just connected to Ireland: hi there - I bet I dropped your CAP there for a short while!)

But... using Chameleon's NEWT WinSock, I CANNOT get either 0.33b2 nor 0.33b2
to work.
With 0.33b2, I get the dreaded: Gethostbyname()failed (11004) error Hmmm...
there may be a problem.
With 0.34b2, I simply get the Hmmm...bit with no error message.

This is in contrast to an earlier poster to the CU-SeeMe list who was
praising Chameleon. I again remark that Peter Tattam's Trumpet WinSock is
known to have bugs, according to the PC CUSM README file. But I have had no
troubles with Tattam's WinSock via a SLIP connection... What are these
Tattam bugs?

Comments anyone?
Could the previous Chameleon poster please respond? (I'm on my PC and that
email is on my Mac).

I wish I had paid more attention to previous postings on the
Gethostbyname()failed (11004) error.
I have added a HOSTS file to both my NETMANAG and TRUMPET directory.
Is this supposed to help?

Best wishes
Geoff R.

(I shall Cc: this also to NetManage Technical Support - they seem pretty
responsive for busy people. Hey, maybe if I keep up this sycophantic stuff,
they'll give me the full version of Chameleon for free!)

Geoff Rehn
Academic Service Unit Murdoch University
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