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Mon, 1 Aug 1994 23:46:43 -0400

Hi Jay!

Thanks for the note...
As yet I am not sending any video, all done from home without a video card
or camera.

Would the following reply someone sent be relevant to you?
I'm still trying to nut it out!!!


From: "Paul Flores" <>
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Date: Mon, 1 Aug 1994 21:49:10 CST
Subject: Re: PC CUSM / Chameleon / Trumpet
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Just throwing in my two cents . . .
> Some further observations on PC-CUSM:
> Please keep in mind I am connecting via SLIP but the WinSock observations
> may or may not be true for Ethernet connections. Comments would be helpful.
> I managed to get the freeware Chameleon / Newt SLIP sampler working for
> other TCP/IP applications, including CU-SeeMe, by adding the line
> C:\NETMANAG to my AUTOEXEC.BAT file (for those interested: this freeware
> dialup SLIP/PPP sampler for Windows is available by anon ftp to:

That's where netmanage stores it's version of winsock.dll and a few
other .dll's it needs.

> Now:
> Under Trumpet WinSock 1.00 RevA, I can get _both_ PC CUSM 0.33b2 and 0.34b2
> to connect and receive video ( I just connected to Ireland: hi there
> - I bet I dropped your CAP there for a short while!)
> But... using Chameleon's NEWT WinSock, I CANNOT get either 0.33b2 nor 0.33b2
> to work.
> With 0.33b2, I get the dreaded: Gethostbyname()failed (11004) error Hmmm...
> there may be a problem.
> With 0.34b2, I simply get the Hmmm...bit with no error message.

Seems that CUSEEME has a prob doing the gethostbyname() call from
chameleon's winsock...

The fix is easy. get your IP address registered with a DNS server, or
run chameleon's bind on your PC. if your system dynamiclly allocated
IP address, give it your hostname with an IP of (loopback)
and don't forget to add to your list of DNS servers.
(If you seem to be lacking bind, I don't think they ship that with
the sampler, guess you'll have to purchase it! :>)

> This is in contrast to an earlier poster to the CU-SeeMe list who was
> praising Chameleon. I again remark that Peter Tattam's Trumpet WinSock is
> known to have bugs, according to the PC CUSM README file. But I have had no
> troubles with Tattam's WinSock via a SLIP connection... What are these
> Tattam bugs?
> Comments anyone?
> Could the previous Chameleon poster please respond? (I'm on my PC and that
> email is on my Mac).
> I wish I had paid more attention to previous postings on the
> Gethostbyname()failed (11004) error.
> I have added a HOSTS file to both my NETMANAG and TRUMPET directory.
> Is this supposed to help?

I tried this too and it didn't work!

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