Re: ProMovie Spectrum

Chris Hand (
Tue, 2 Aug 1994 05:07:05 -0400

Peter Jennings said:
> > So, supporting lots of cards means either building in image processing
> > support for more image formats into CU-SeeMe, or trying to redesign CU-SeeMe
> > around CODECs.
> What about allowing CU-SeeMe to copy the image directly from an open
> window on the screen. This should work with all video cards that can
> display the video and would also allow the transmission of images
> created by any other program or retrieved from disk.
> This would appear to be a lot easier than trying to support every
> hardware format around.

I'd also like to see some way of supporting home-made video digitizers.
If you have to write stuff using some Micro$oft SDK this becomes infeasible
due to the expense (you could make a simple digitizer for peanuts).

Perhaps in the Linux/X11 version?


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