Announcement of BBC broadcast

Ben Anderson (
Tue, 2 Aug 1994 05:57:25 -0400

ANNOUNCEMENT: Sunday 14th August 12:15 to 13:04 BST (11:15 to 12:04 UTC)


The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), in collaboration with the
Department of Computer Studies at Loughborough University of Technology,
UK, will be broadcasting BBC Radio 5's 'The Big Byte' programme live on the

This particular 'Big Byte' is devoted entirely to the internet and the BBC
studio in London, will be 'listening in' to the IRC channel #bbc as the
broadcast is underway. They are keen to receive feedback on the broadcast
during the show via IRC to demonstrate the global nature of the internet.
(Unfortunately the studio does not, yet, have sufficient IP connectivity
to receive live audio feedback. :-)

You can also send your comments via e-mail to

The audio will be available from a Maven enabled CU-SeeMe reflector at:

You can therefore use Cu-SeeMe, Maven or VAT in unicast mode to listen to
this broadcast. Note that we are also providing an MBONE multicast session
as well, details of which were posted to rem-conf and are available at the
http address below.

In order to maintain audio quality, the number of connections to this
reflector will (unfortunately) be limited. We STRONGLY encourage anyone
interested in this broadcast to set up their own local reflector to receive
a BCC of our audio stream and redistribute it locally. Feel free to email in order to arrange this.


On the Big Byte: see
On this broadcast: see

A further announcement/reminder will be sent out nearer the date.



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