Re: ProMovie Spectrum

M. Carleer (
Tue, 2 Aug 1994 07:15:58 -0400

>Chris Hand said:
>I'd also like to see some way of supporting home-made video digitizers.
>If you have to write stuff using some Micro$oft SDK this becomes infeasible
>due to the expense (you could make a simple digitizer for peanuts).
>Perhaps in the Linux/X11 version?

Actually, the Video for Windows SDK is free of charge. Here is how to get it:
Simply send a message showing your interest to
and they will send you by mail a cd with 600Mb of programs, under which the
complete VFWDK ver 1.1a and the full doc for it, as well as what's necessary
for audio development for the Windows Multimedia system. All this with a lot
of examples of video and audio drivers, codecs, filters, ....

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