Re: IVC Test

Chris Rowan (
Tue, 2 Aug 1994 09:58:42 -0400

Hi everyone,

On Mon, 1 Aug 1994, Martin Storer wrote:

> I too had a look at IVC and had problems and wrote to the author:-
> >I am using WFW 3.11 and Trumpet Ver 1.0a and am accessing the
> >internet via a 14.4k slip line. When trying to call another user with

> >an address such as "" I am getting an error
> >(Cannot complete call. winSock error # 11004). I do not get this
> >message if I use an IP numerical address such as
> >What do you suppose is the problem?

I have been told that a SLIP connection is too slow for an application
like CuSeeMe. Is this true?

BTW, I'm a 6th grade school teacher in Brownsville, Texas, and I am trying
to get CuSeeMe connectivity in my classroom. I have the CuSeeMe software,
but I still need to acquire the Winsock(?) video driver (or whatever it
is) and an Internet connection. I currently have dial-in Telnet and ftp
capabilities through Tenet which, in turn, is supplied by THEnet (Texas
Higher Education Network).

Chris Rowan