Re: AV Mac's and Monitors

Stan Borinski (
Tue, 2 Aug 1994 11:45:01 -0400

Dick Cogger wrote:
> ... If you get
> the 8100 without AV, you have the option to upgrade VRAM to 4M and then get
> 16bit color on a 20 inch display. That with a third-party divitizer card
> might be the good setup. Note however that the regular Spigot won't run in
> the nuBus slots in either the 840 or the PowerMacs. We havn't been able to
> extensively explore other cards, but the Computer Eyes RT does work for
> CU-SeeMe, and since it attaches to the SCSI port, it will even work with a
> powerbook.

Based on Dick's statement above, what Spigot card does run on the PowerMacs,
the Pro version? (Is this a CU-SeeMe restriction, or a PowerMac restriction?)
I'm trying to determine what would be better, a PowerMac 6100 with the Spigot
Pro (if it indeed works) or the 7100 AV (based on a ~$3k budget). If the
regular Spigot worked with the 7100, I'd have made my choice already. But if
my assumption is correct, I'll probably go the 6100/Pro route. (Or, to
complicate matters, should I ignore the PowerMacs, and go with a Quadra 800
or 950 and the Spigot?)

The setup needs to work with CU-SeeMe, I'm just trying to maximize "other
usefulness." Any comments/experiences welcome.

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