Re: IVC Test

Jim B. Krone (
Tue, 2 Aug 1994 11:46:17 -0400

On Tues, 2 Aug 1994, Chris Rowan wrote:
>I have been told that a SLIP connection is too slow for an application
>like CuSeeMe. Is this true?

I am using SLIP from home on a V.32bis 14.4Kbps raw connection (38.4Kbps=
using compression) and find that CuSeeMe works on my Centris 650. It is=
video only. Some sound comes through but it is too choppy to be=
understood. The video updates fairly well but nothing like my network=
connection at work. I think
sound and video may actually work over V.34 (28.8Kbps raw) modems when they
become available (sometime early next year - hopefully).

>BTW, I'm a 6th grade school teacher in Brownsville, Texas, and I am trying
>to get CuSeeMe connectivity in my classroom. I have the CuSeeMe software,
>but I still need to acquire the Winsock(?) video driver (or whatever it
>is) and an Internet connection. I currently have dial-in Telnet and ftp
>capabilities through Tenet which, in turn, is supplied by THEnet (Texas
>Higher Education Network).
> Chris Rowan