CU-SeeMeW0.34b3 Release

Dave Wargo (
Tue, 2 Aug 1994 15:39:21 -0400

Windows Users:

On the regular ftp-server there is a new version of CU-SeeMe for the PC
with a
couple of bug fixes and a few minor enhancements:

CU-SeeMe for Windows version 0.34b3

Bug Fixes:

* Fix for "Error binding to videosend port (1048)" bug. This bug occurred
when users were using the UDP socket for something else, like NFS, or
Lan Workplace.

* Fix "Divide by zero" error when the 'max kbits/sec' preference setting
was set to zero.

* Sometimes a video window would appear but nothing would show up and the
'Stats' numbers at the bottom of the window would stay at 0.

New Features:

* Conference ID. Reflectors can be set up to require a conference ID in
order to connect (a number from 0 to 65535). If the reflector Conference
ID is set to zero, any user with any ID can connect. Otherwise, only
users who know in advance the correct conference ID will be allowed
to connect. The Conference ID is set in the 'connect' dialog box.

* Message-of-the-Day and Reflector-Message. A Window appears when you
connect to a reflector (if the reflector is configured with one) telling
you relevent information about the reflector and/or any upcoming
conference information. The Reflector-Message tells you about any errors
that have occurred, such as your code version is too old, or you have
the wrong conference ID.

* 'Max Open Windows' preferences feature. You can now limit the number of
open windows that can be open at one time on your screen. This is most
useful if you have limited bandwidth and you want to exclude windows
with no relevant activity and keep new windows from popping up automatic-

* Video Window positions are remembered between sessions.


* There is still a problem with Trumpet Winsock. I have no estimate of
when this might be solved.


This version can be obtained via FTP from in the
pub/video/PC.CU-SeeMeW0.34b1 directory.

Please send BUG REPORTS to

-Rich Kennerly - <> PC Windows CU-SeeMe developer

P.S. Audio for the PC won't be available until about early Fall. We also
expect to have a fairly long 'beta test' period as we have with the Mac
audio version.