Videospigot 4 windows using PAL (Europe) not working

Michael W. van Wetering (
Wed, 3 Aug 1994 05:29:00 -0400


Using the videospigot for windows and a PAL (european) camera, we are
not able to produce a 'normal' cuseeme video signal (windows shows
part of the screen and a lot of rubbish).
Vidcap of VfW shows a perfect capture though, one thing we've noticed is
that the image dimensions are NOT 160x120, these sizes are simply not
available in the picklist.

As we been able to get things working using a videoblaster card we're
assuming somethings wrong with the spigot drivers/settings but what?

Anyone have any experience using the spigot with a PAL camera?
If so, what are your settings?

Any and all help is much appreciated


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