Re: SLIP and Cu-SeeMe cont'd

Chris Rowan (
Wed, 3 Aug 1994 09:56:53 -0400

Hi Geoff,

On Tue, 2 Aug 1994, Geoff Rehn wrote:

> I only just then a few minutes ago used CU-SeeMe in video phone mode
> connecting to my University, Murdoch, from home, and it does work
> tolerably. (Two phone lines; one for data, one for normal telephone voice).
> It (using SLIP) would be best suited for still image transmission, as in
> using a desktop camera to send documents, still images, etc.

Can you recommend a decent desktop camera (i.e., gets the job done for a
reasonably tolerable price)?

> BTW, I am using an MTU (maximum transmission unit) of 290, as I'm using
> Tattam's Trumpet WinSock with its internal SLIP driver.
^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^

Pardon my ignorance on these matters, but is this some sort of video
driver? I have never heard of a "WinSock" before I became acquainted
with CuSeeMe.

> One last point:
> To the original poster of the "SLIP connection is too slow" query.
> It sounds like you have command-line access only to the Internet (ie.
> interactive login, some call it).
> You can't get CUSM or any WinSock working over unix command line access
> (ie. plain serial access). You will need some kind of TCP/IP access such as
> SLIP, PPP or ARA (or ARNS too).

So THAT'S what they call it. Plain serial access, command-line access,
or interactive login. Makes sense.

Many thanks. I'm saving the messages that will help me convince our
Technology Coordinator, Superintendent, and School Board to obtain the
connectivity necessary to run CuSeeMe. Aside from the obvious "Gee, whiz"
pronouncements, I'd like to be able to tell them that we can do enriching,
curriculum-related activities with CuSeeMe.

Has anyone given serious thought as to how CuSeeMe can be incorporated in
an educational curriculum?

Chris Rowan