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K C Lun (
Wed, 3 Aug 1994 22:26:47 -0400

Hi Geoff,

Just read your mail on IVC. Could not give an earlier response cos I was
away, actually in Australia! I was invited to give a keynote address at
the Health Informatics Conference (HIC '94) at the Gold Coast. I spoke
on "Connecting People with Biomedical Information" and briefly touched on
the CUSM tests that both of us had done with each other. That generated
a lot of enthusiasm and there were at least two dozen people wanting to
know where to get the CUSM software at the end of my talk!

> Have you corresponded with the developer? I think that this might be worth
> the effort...
> I indicated to the CUSM team some weeks ago the possibilities of IVC. I
> don't know if they had any better luck than yourself. I can't even look at
> it w/o a sound board. I know that Dr. K.C.Lun from Singapore also had a
> look quite some time ago. KC, what were your results?

Yes, we did try looking at the use of IVC with CUSM on the PC but could
not get it to work. I followed that up by contacting its developer who
told me that IVC had problems with Winsock. I am still trying to
hunt down the email response from the developer from my email archives
and will post it as soon as I find it (give me a break, this is my first
day at work since returning from Australia).



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