reflector access

Mark Koris (
Sat, 6 Aug 1994 12:41:07 -0400

I am looking for some help using CUSEEME. I have tried for two weeks to connect
to an external reflector and receive something; a scrolled message, an image, or
audio (I'm aware of the problem with audio on serial lines). I've tried at
least 15 addresses several times a day in this interval. The only response is
"no response from <ip address>". I've tried from a site that is hardwired to
internet, as well as from my remote location, linked by Shiva netmodems @14,400
and all compression modes on. The result is always the same...nothing. I can
link to another mac on my remote LAN, but since neither of the systems presently
has a video grabber card, I cant test things too far. I've installed and hacked
the reflector program on a Sun 3/160 that exists on my remote LAN, and both macs
can access it locally, and recieve the Message of the Day. Specifics of my
setup follow:

Mac Duo 230, in a Duo Dock on a heterogenous protocol LAN. Other systems on the
LAN include: 386 clone, Sun 3/160, Mac LC II, and a VAX 11/750 running
Pathworks. The internet link is via a pair of Shiva Netmodems, and a Cayman
Gatorbox on the internet side. The Macs use MACTCP 1.1.1 or 2.0.4 (tried both),
and the Gatorbox works in dynamic address assignment mode. I've tried static
addressing, and there seems to be no difference, so I've left it in dynamic.
(The non Mac systems presently do not access internet.) I have no trouble using
mosaic, gopher,fetch etc for the mac. Am I doing something stupid, or is there
a hardware related problem?

One other problem I've noticed: Using CUSEEME 7.7.15 (? anyway,the latest
release) my system bombs If I even think about using the audio window (ie . just
click in one of the boxes). Has anyone experienced this? My solution is to just
keep this window closed for now.

Will CUSEEME work with any other boards than the Video Spigot? I've got a
Colorsnap Plus board, but I can't figure out how to incorporate it software
wise. Since Nu-Bus slots are limited on my system, could I use a scsi based
grabber like the computer eyes RT unit to grab images?

Thanks in advance for any help you can send my way. Mark Koris