Big Public CU-SeeMe Showing

Kuras, Patrick (KURAS@AppleLink.Apple.COM)
Sat, 6 Aug 1994 13:13:28 -0400

Hello CU-SeeMe-ers!

As an Apple Systems Engineer, I've recently been asked to put together some
Internet demonstrations for an exhibition of "Information Superhighway"
technologies. Southern New England Telephone (SNET) is sponsoring this
exhibition, called the I-SNET Infoway, which is being held at Westfarms Mall in
West Hartford, CT, from August 11th to September 30th.

I naturally thought of CU-SeeMe as a prime example of today's technology on our
existing information superhighway, the Internet. I would like to ask the
operators of the "public" reflectors for permission to hang out for periods of
a couple of hours at a time during the expo (Mon.-Sat. 10-9, Sun. 11-6, now
through Sept. 30). I plan to send audio rather infrequently (only when the
exhibit is attended by a staffer, and maybe not even then). In return for your
cooperation you'll be treated to real-time views of ordinary shoppers munching
their Mrs. Fields cookies and clutching bags from JC Penney's and The Gap.

Seriously, though, this is the largest and longest public showing of CU-SeeMe
that I've heard of, and may be enhanced by a visit from Al Gore on Friday,
August 12th.

I've currently got the following reflectors in my Nicknames list. If you don't
mind our using yours, I'd appreciate hearing from you. If you'd rather we
didn't bother you, please let me know that, too, and I'll be sure to remove
your reflector.

Penn State
U of M Med School
Wayne State
NASA Select

Thanks, and be seeing you,

Pat Kuras
Senior Systems Engineer
Apple Computer, Inc.
Glastonbury, CT
(203) 657-7846