Re: reflector access

Miles Abernathy (
Sat, 6 Aug 1994 21:22:30 -0400

>One other problem I've noticed: Using CUSEEME 7.7.15 (? anyway,the latest
>release) my system bombs If I even think about using the audio window (ie .
>click in one of the boxes). Has anyone experienced this? My solution is to
>keep this window closed for now.

My Mac bombs (100% guaranteed or your money back) if I click the
Push-to-Talk box, but the other audio and lurker check boxes do not cause
the problem.

Regarding your other difficulty, I have no trouble connecting to NASA
Select and Cornell 2, and watching and listening to the camera-equipped
folks having fun. I just select the "Connect to" menu item.

Miles Abernathy (lurker),