11004 GetHostByName errors on PC

Martin Storer (100121.1613@compuserve.com)
Sun, 7 Aug 1994 16:45:27 -0400

Does anybody have a handle on the Hmm... There may be a problem GetHostByName ()
error (11004)? It appears to happen to certain people with either PC/TCP (from
FTP) and Newt/Chameleon (from Netmanage) communication software. Since it
appears to be a WinSock related problem (so say Netmanage tech support) could it
be a problem with CUSM and its calls to the Winsock API?

If people are willing to send me info on their method of connection I am
prepared to compile the information and publish it here on this list. The
information might also be of interest to the CUSM developers.

Anyone interested should provide the information in the following format:-

1. "Machine Type, Make and Processor"
Eg 'PC, Dell, 386/33'
2. "Physical Method of connection to the Internet"
Eg Ethernet, Token Ring, Serial Modem
3. "Communication Protocol used"
4. "Communication software package"
Eg 'Newt/Netmanage', 'PC/TCP/FTP Software', 'Trumpet', LAN Workplace'
5. "Communication software package version"
Eg 'Ver. 4.01'
6. "Any other information experiences"

Please give any information as to any problems experienced and how they were
resolved where applicable.

Martin Storer